Monday, November 22, 2010

Got snow?!?!......

Well if you don't we sure do! Crazy how we went from no snow to TONS of snow. I love winter, so do Chad and the kids...but I could've started out with 2 in...then 2 more inches...etc etc. Oh well it is ND after all! Plus it makes me feel all nice and cozy!

Heres a pic of the kids enjoying the first snow fall of the year...Kobey looks like shes asking me why shes standing there with that kid! Ha!

Safe travels for those of you traveling this weekend...I hope my parents are able to fly out Thursday morning...anywho Happy Thanksgiving!

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jenbaum said...

I was in bed when you texted me last night, but I LOVE this picture! :) Too cute.

Now... update your background.... it was deleted. :)