Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jenny's 30th!!

Oh yes I just about forgot to post my friend "Jenny's" 30th! And she really does not like to be called Jenny and she hates it when I spell it that way too. :) But on the 20th of December my best friend (and much older friend..LOL) Jen turned 30. So I headed into Fargo and headed out with her, her brother & sister inlaw & our friend Brandy. It was a low key night but we had a great time talking, laughing and of course having a few toddies! Here are a couple pics (I stole them from her blog..hehe)!! Oh and she won $100 that night...lucky gal.

This & That

Its been awhile since I've updated our blog so I thought I'd try to cover everything thats been going on the past couple weeks in one post! :)

Christmas Eve Chad, the kids and I spent the evening at my parents. We had a deeply fabulous meal at the Ramada (thanks Dad!) and then headed to their house to open gifts and play games. The kids made a haul as usual. It was a great time!!!

Christmas Day the kids opened gift here at home. Then we packed up and headed to Chads parents. We had supper and opened some good gifts. We spent the next day playing outside, sledding and going on sleigh rides.

Then on New Years Eve my parents took the kiddos and we headed into Fargo with some friends. We had a great meal downtown and great conversation! We didnt get home until almost 2 am...we were pretty impressed with ourselves. :)

Well that about sums up the past few weeks at our household! Best wishes for 2009!!

Oh and I cant seem to get the pictures rearranged the way I wanted...anyone have any advice on that?? Cause the way they look before I hit post...does not look the same when you are looking at it on my blog.........