Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School...

Whew! We all made it through the first day of school! I can NOT believe I have two kids in school. It makes me feel kinda old...not having any kids in daycare anymore (this is kind of mean but then I see some people that are alot older than me and have their oldest just starting kindergarten and it makes me feel a little better, ya know that I will be the young mom like my mom was...hehe), but I LOVE not having a daycare bill during the school year!!

Cooper has the same teacher as Kobey did her kindergarten year. She loved Mrs. Baumgarten and I know Cooper will too! Thanks Erin for making my kids' first year a little easier on me! We're so lucky to have you as a teacher and a friend!!

Cooper told us this morning that he did not sleep a wink last night...just to nervous he said, but he quickly got over it. Chad tried to hold his hand crossing the street today and he said "dad quit it". Sigh...hes growing up! Then lets move on to Kobey Jean...she gave me the "omg mother...quit taking pictures of me and get out of my room you're embarrassing me" look. I knew exactly what she meant and quickly left! :)

I have so many pictures that I should upload from this summer, but theres just not enough time in a day...or tonight. I am typing right now and trying to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I can NOT get enough of all things Jersey...neither can Chad. I know he doesnt like to admit it but he watches these shows with me every night!!

Lets see what else is going on in our lives...nothing other than school now which is really nice. It slows us down big time. Gives us much more of a set schedule thats for sure. Thursday night we have family pictures. Im really excited because I found the coolest place to take our pictures....but I wish I was 15 lbs lighter! Hmmm...maybe Miss Ria could liquify me enough to make me appear 15 lbs lighter!! Maybe?!?!?!

Ok I have to go now...I cant miss another minute of this show down thats gonna go down tonight on Real Housewives!!!

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jenbaum said...

Great first-day-of-school pictures! Cooper looks SO proud in the picture with you and daddy. I hope school is going well for him! Yes, Kobey looks way too cool to have her mom hanging out in her classroom! Hope she is doing well also!!! :) Now - bring on some family pics! :)